Missing Surface/Plane Numbers

Ron Kirby

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I've had to reinstall 3D Arsenal. When I now load a scene, instead of the numbers, say on a plane, I get just a colored plane. What did I miss?

Ron Kirby

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Man, you would think Don or Ralph might occasionally vist this area to help with answers to questions on a product they developed. 3D arsenal is great when functioning properly, but if there's a problem...you're screwed unless someone else has had a similar issue and managed to figure it out!!!!


This has already been answered by Don: The image editor is not where you map images it is where you can load, save and edit images. Go to the surface editor to map images. In the scene you are using there should be 3 surfaces named video_01, video_02 and video _03 select video_01 and follow the tutorial on mapping video to re map your missing image.

Don Ballance

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Sorry guys and you're right, I need to be here more and i will be. Just in process of moving to Texas right now.

Please feel free to email me directly with any issues anytime at [email protected]

now, if you only have colored planes instead of numbers you need too re scan your plugins.
Sometimes this needs to be redone, not sure why, but it will solve this issue.

What happens is it looses hte plugins and that is how we load a jpg is through the jpg loader plugin, without it, it can't load the numbers and defaults to colors.

Re scan and you are all good.

there are tutorials for rescanning at

Thanks guys
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