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The following features are desperately missing from the NDI PTZ implementation.
When trying to implement face tracking on NDI PTZ camera's there are three features missing that makes it basically impossible to create smooth real time face tracking applications.

  • Get current position (returns the current absolute position of the camera as -1.0 and +1.0 for both pan and tilt so that relative movements can be sent back to the camera for applications such as face tracking)
  • Get current Zoom (returns the current zoom level of the camera between -1.0 and +1.0, this will allow scaling factors to be applied to any Pan/Tilt movements based on how far the camera is zoomed in or out)
  • Get Current Preset (returns the last preset that was recalled by the camera to allow it to be updated after movement has occurred, useful for face tracking applications)

Implementing these API's in the SDK would open the door for hundreds of face tracking applications using NDI.
I have been experimenting with NDI cameras and face tracking but it just doesn't work well because of these missing features, I have reverted to using Panasonic native camera interfaces until these features are available on NDI.


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May I suggest submitting these suggestions using the sdk correspondence email address? They are more likely to be noticed by developers there, thanks.
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