Missing COLR tags and instead I have SSHA tags in my exported LWO file


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Hi there,

I recently exported my object from LightWave v2019.1.4, but when I run the resulting .lwo through my own importer, it seems that instead of getting COLR, LUMI, DIFF, and SPEC tags, I'm getting a single SSHA tag instead. This means that my importer isn't reading the material colour and defaults to grey.

As far as I can see SSHA is an LWO3 tag: https://static.lightwave3d.com/sdk/2018/html/filefmts/lwo3.html#surf_SSHA so I'm not sure why I'm getting it in an LWO2 file exported using the File->Export->LWO2 (LW2015) menu option.

Importing the .lwo into Blender also shows a grey mesh.

Can anyone shed any light on why this might be happening and more importantly how I fix my export? This did use to work, but a new PC, new LightWave install or something has broken it.

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