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another request for ye most esteemed, respected and wise toaster elders -

am looking to get a simple mirror style DVE that would be similar to the mirror effect built in to many camcorders (mirroring from the center of the image) - if this already exists, pointing me in the right direction would be very much appreciated, and if it doesn't exist, does anyone know how it could be created?

ideally it would be similar to these two DVE's :


except it would use the same signal in main and preview, mirrored horizontally or vertically - it seems like it could be somewhat straightforward, since this is already partly achieved in FlyAwayBoxLeft.dve

perfection would be a set of DVE's just like the two mentioned, that mirrored the picture progressively as the transition moved, so the mirrored portion could vary - from side to side or upper to lower

any help or feedback on this whatsoever would be awesome - thank you in advance!


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using control tree
on timeline dplicate the clip
turn on overlay
you can crop and flip, position
save in toolshed


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thank you for the tip! i will definitely put that to good use - but what i am looking for is a DVE that could be used in a live setting, with a live video source, not clips.... i'd like to be able to que it in one of the transition banks and use the t-bar on the switcher real-time to trigger it

i'm seriously crossing my fingers that someone knows how this could be done! :)


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Shouldn't be to hard to build something like you describe.
I do custom DVEs to order, but would need a more specific description of what you want.

Although you can't move their mirroring point with the T-Bar, there are also mirroring utility LiveSets already built into VT 5.2


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I LOVE THIS FORUM - thank you billmi for the assistance! honestly i had no idea this effect was in LiveSets, as i haven't used it yet (i'm running VT5 on a VT2 card / SX-8 and i'd read something somewhere that there were probs with using parts of it on the older hardware?), and there is no reference to it in the manual - but i just tried it and it works perfectly!

Re: custom DVE's - if you could send a PM with a basic quote for that kind of work i'd really appreciate it! there are so many custom DVE's i'd love to create, but can't put the time in to figure out how to on my own

and as far as the mirror effect - ideally it would be just like the ones in LiveSet, only with the ability to move the mirroring point with the T-bar, mirroring whatever point you were at in the transition

am still getting into all the features of VT5 - there is so much more than VT2 - i'm 9 months in and there are new things popping up every time i use it

thanks again for the help you guys - i am totally ecstatic :) :) :)


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I was searching this forum looking for a "MIRROR" effect that would automatically flip the screen for me. I had been shooting a projector at a presentation but the only way I could
do it was from the back side, so I figured I could just flip it!
Here's how I did it.
In TOASTER5, I hit "F8" to open the Control Tree.
I selected "3D ROTATION" and adjusted the "Y ANGLE" to "180".
This flipped the picture.
You can also use the other angles, X, Z, etc. to skew and adjust the
framing and get the picture straight.
In my case I was pointing at a screen and it was a little askew, so with some
adjustments I got it cropped in and straight, I also adjusted the brightness,
color, contrast, gamma, etc. and now it looks like it is right from the source!!
- Videobob
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