Millennium for Amiga Video Toaster/Flyer


It seems you need money badly, eh ??
I wish all speculators like you, to go down before soon!!

Sorry to be harsh, but I can't stand vultures!

Thats a slightly unfair statement! The Millennium software is a fantastic package.

The Amiga is still to this day one of the best multi tasking computers. It still has a huge and strong following and without it Newtek may never have gotten to where they are today.
Sadly my Amiga 4000 finally died after 15 years of faithful service. There isn't a consumer grade PC made today that can last that long.
If I could get my hands on another one for a good price I would grab it instantly As my Video Toaster/Flyer Hardware and drives still are good.


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That is not the case but your welcome to believe anything you like. All NewTek solutions are excellent ones even the old Amiga Video Toaster Flyer. Millennium represents the hard work of many 3rd party developers and even NewTek itself. Paul Lara did an excellent job on the documentation, Digital Juice created the awesome Wipe Studio, Bill Evans created some great utilities that are included, Nova Design worked hard on the overall package for NewTek, DiscreetFX included fire wipes, Ozzy includes some great tools and many more developers were involded.
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