Midi Controller for Trickster



Does anyone have any experience working with a Behringer X-TOUCH MINI Universal USB Controller and Tricaster (8000 AE)?
Looking to control audio levels with it.


MIDI in TriCaster supports buttons, not knobs or sliders. You could make macros to set levels, but my guess is that you want to turn knobs to adjust levels with this unit.

There are other solutions for controlling the audio mixer in TriCaster.

- There are apps for iPad (the NewTek one is free) and Android
- LiveMixer and LiveMixer Remote
- Avid Artist Mix
Further to this, we have an 8000 AE in our studio and previously had our older Behringer running successfully. We have just had an x-touch delivered because apparently they are compatible - has anybody else attempted this and is there advice or support anywhere out there, please?
You should look into Central Control if you are trying to get the X-Touch to drive the audio mixer in the TriCaster.

The Tricaster 8000AE runs on Windows 7 :oops:.,.. i am assuming that this is a problem?

But I have looked at central control and it looks perfect.

It's no problem - Central Controls hould be ran on another system on the same network, so the OS of the TriCaster becomes irrelevant. In terms of TC version, anything over original advanced edition will be just fine.
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