Microsoft Teams Integration - Skype is blocked in certain countries


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Dear All

We are providing a corporate platform for virtual live events and have recently decided to integrate VS4000 into
our portfolio of possibilities to get speakers onto our virtual stages. The integration level of the product is amazing
and we would love to replace all our home made solutions but we are running into a roadblock with this.
Many clients and speakers we are working for are situated in Africa, Middle East and Far East and – as you might be aware of -
Skype is blocked in many countries in this regions. This means we are not able to use VS4000 without VPNs
and this causes a major disruption of the production process and is illegal in most of those countries as well.
All of the countries in question are allowing people to use Teams aka Skype for Business.

We would kindly ask you to consider the possibility of integrating Teams into VS4000 as we have 2 units of VS4000
which we are not able to use




Microsoft is about to release NDI and Skype TX support in Teams.

Fritz Golman
Museum of Broadcast Communications

PS I visited your beautiful city about six years ago. I'd love to come back again sometime soon!
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Hello Fritz

thanks for your reply and link. saw this few days back

lets see how much time it will take on Microsoft's end to implement this. Funny enough we have been able to dial in people via Teams on our VS4000 from mid-April to beginning of May.
We assume that Microsoft was experimenting with their Skype – Teams integration. Unfortunately it is no longer working and we are back to where we started.


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Hello Kane

Thanks for the link. As you said, integration is not yet done on Microsoft part so I guess we can only wait
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