Mevo Start NDI in Full Frame (Preview) mode ?


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I am working with the latest NDI SDK to capture video streams from the Mevo Start camera.

The Mevo Start is interesting in that it can show the full picture frame, but you can zoom into a part of the picture using the zoom capability and that zoomed picture is the video stream that is presented.

When I use the NDI Studio Monitor tool it shows the zoomed in picture (as you would expect). However when I use the SDK to write an application to view the NDI stream I always get the un-zoomed full frame picture, even when the camera is zoomed in and NDI studio monitor shows the correct zoomed in picture.

Does anyone know how to obtain the zoomed in final stream rather than the full screen picture ?

I am using C# so I have to use the managed library which seems to be a little behind the latest SDK functions.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

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