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Hi guys,

I tried to make a metalic car paint, you know, the kind with the little chips of metal in it. I used the CarbonFiberScene ball material as a basis.
By just changing the color node you change the color of the paint and chips. Change the crust node to get more/ less/ different size/ different shapes of chips.

I didn't try it on any object yet, just on the said ball so I don't know if the scaling (or the material it self) is any good.


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This is a new and improved version of the metalic paint.
I removed the anisotrophic shaders, they gave some mapping trouble if you used the material on a different axis.

I added the diffuse shading nodes for a more dramatic effect, like there is a thick varnish layer on top of the paint. For a more regular look just remove the diffuse channel (green one).

The visible area of the sparkels is controled by the blinn shader. Ajust this for adjusting the visible area. You can also change the shader to Cook Torrance for a broader area with less falloff. The effect is more subtle if you use anti-aliasing.

You propably have to adjust the size of the crust texture if you're gonna use this material on your object. The test object is 4 meters high so the scale is a bit off.


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Captain Obvious

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Looks nice, but I think the crust "sparkles" should be bigger. When you animate that shader, won't it produce pretty much random sparkles?


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It actualy does yes. I was going for the Pixar-Car-Teaser-Trailer-Metal-Paint and that one has those large chips in it. It does look quite nice when the object is animated. You can also use this material for bowling balls and all kinds of plastic with little metal chips in it.
One problem of this material is what Captain Obvious mentioned, the sparkles are very random. For a metalic paint this is no problem but it could be a problem for other materials.
You could make an imagemap of noise and use that instead of the crumple texture but an imagemap is no 3D texture and so you have to be carefull how to apply it.
Maybe there is a better 'noise' node wich gives less random-ness...

here is a little test movie... (right-click and 'save link')

Captain Obvious, please feel free to fool around with it, maybe you can get something better. Make them bigger and post the result :)

I'm gonna make another metal paint later, for the more distance shots.
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