"Mesh Man"


i made this base model awhile ago. started back not after i wen't
through "Rebel Hill" tutorials.

i have been adjusting the mesh lately trying to get good flow for deforms.
testing out what i have gotten so far. Trying to get it to a reasonable
point for normal human motion for now.

setup the IK next.

i'll post some other range poses, so let me know what you think.


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true, and i plan to.

i've been trying to figure out a way to do it without expressions, but
it seems like i'm going to have bones moving and rotating based on other bones to get them into position.

i've have been messing with some of the constaints for an easier approch,
but i might have to dig deaper into them.

i need to look at morphs too. (you told me to do that somewhere else)

I know you pull out some Magic Bunnies from somewhere to do it. :D

wondering if i should setup a "mild" IK before before or after applying

in the end i want it to be fast to work with and still have a good range of functionallity.
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You can also easily use follower or something similar in the motion options panel. Its easier to setup and has other options. :)


more extreme leg bends. still some issues. think i got a way to fix them.


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You can also hand key the hold bones then use cycler or cyclist to automate the keyframed motion to the rotation of another bone. The same can be done with morph channels as well


i was wanting the follower item to stay on one side of the bone initially,
if looking at the side view it would be just above but i applied the
expression to they Y also just to simplify it to begin with.

you'll its draging behind instead of following.

i was thinking if i knew what i was doing with expression that maybe
some how i could "increment" the value over time or distance some way
to get the correct motion.

pointAref and pointBref don't do anything. wern't needed
to get the same affect.

motion baker applied to pointA and pointB for them to move.


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