Mesh deform using bones.


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I'm animating a mesh using a series of bones.
I've got the bones deforming the mesh using weightmaps quite happily.

When bringing the animation into Director (w3d format), I'm losing some of my bones animation?
Currently I've 3 individual bones, with no Ik and one of the bones stops animating the mesh.

I'm attempting to build facial animation, so it's going to get pretty complicated.

Thanks In Advance.


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That is the #1 question in the shockwave 3d forums. Hunt around through the archives and you'll find quite a bit of info to help you out.

Good luck!


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I've had a tough time with this too. One cause, which doesn't get mentioned very often, is that it the last 3 or 4 (not sure how many exactly) weight maps may get ignored. I add some dummy weight maps starting xxx so that ones that I do need get included. Hope that helps.


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I need to test that out. If it's true, then you've discovered a golden nugget for the SW3D animators.



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I wish I could claim credit... I found it one day doing a web search when I was having a very frustrating time with my weight maps. Can't remember the original source exactly...


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Is this not a lightwave 9 specific problem with ignoring weight maps and bones?

Will need to test but I never had any problems with weight maps and bones until recently.

Try exporting from LW8 if possible to test.
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