Merely a Test


We've got it simple.
No.. you're not.

And now the meant to not be seen thread has risen to the top of that list 7 times. (I'll take the blame for one of them)


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Cant put anything over on you guys!!
I vote for this as the most useless thread of the year - but thanks for a few moments of levity.


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I like it, please keep it going.

Oh, and please could you show us that test you made. Did you pass ?

Whatever happened to the announcement NT made a few years back asking for beta testers for the new inspire?
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Captain Obvious said:
You spelled "spelt" wrong.

(Yes, I know: You didn't actually spell it wrong, since "spelt" is the british variant.)

LOL! You've reminded me of the time I found the American English Oxford Dictionary listed under 'Foreign Languages' on a website over here, made me chuckle. George Bernard Shaw was so right ;) 'Fanny' indeed...


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jasonwestmas said:
u spelt "merely" wrong.
Thanks jasonwestmas,
my spelling has been my bane since I posted a sign that says -
Poor Spellers of the World Untie!
All corrections gratefully received.
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