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I read some discussion about Workshop not making menu's right for 16x9 projects. I've just completed a project with 16x9 footage and when playing it back on a DVD player hooked to a 16x9 monitor everything seems fine to me. When viewing on a 4x3 tv the menu doesn't letterbox like the program is when it starts to play. Just wondering if this is what happens with everyone else. Not perfect but for most of what I do, I can live with it.



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Hello, Eugene

I read a differnet tread where you mentioned the Cpu and motherboard you liked can you tell what they are?

Thanks Ron


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I haven't really looked at them since December 31, 2008, so I may not be that up to date. At that point I liked the Intel Core i7 940 and a Gigabyte motherboard.

Basically, I decided I'm not doing enough HD rendering yet to justify building a new machine with the economy where it is. In fact, I'm gonna be adding a Blu-ray burner to my existing system, not to mention the really cool removable drive bay I added last week with a second VelociRaptor.
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