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I am posting this to ask if anyone has thoughts or a need of a memory panel to complement the tricaster and VT systems. Through the last 6 months or so, I have been testing the ability to do multiple functions with one single keypress. This device-software has the ability to control hundreds of functions. It is rock solid, and dare to say, i absolutely cannot switch a live event, especially sports, without it. and yes if you have 2 ddrs, you can easily trigger sound fx for transitions for replays!

This post is to guage interest,and a website is coming soon. This is something all tricaster or VT users will want to take a great interest in, especially if your serious about professional productions. Unbelievable flexibility and can interface to other devices. Less mouse more functionality.

Let me know, I am sure you will be impressed.

Again a website, product pix and examples of use, coming very soon. (THIS PRODUCT IS FOR STANDARD DEF MODELS ONLY, NOT THE NEW XD LINE)

Thankx John
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Fantastic Idea!

I think that is fantastic idea! I can think of tons of uses, especially for sports. Bring on my E-mems!

On occasion I TD on a Grass Valley Kalypso and have some memorized commands setup on the LCD touch screen. On our VT5 I also have some hotkeys setup for live sports broadcasts. So I'm anxious to see what you have come up with that we could possibly use!



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Finishing touches are underway.........lots and lots of possibilities. I don't even look at the Tricaster the same anymore. This is a supercharger for the operation...... Stay Tuned..........It is freaking awesome!!!

Some of the many cool advantages:

1. independant fade rates for the transition AND overlay
2. sound fx for .dve (using the second ddr)
3. instant clip recall with parameters (list- selection- loop)
4. multiple mappings for keyboard operation of various layouts
5. Control of the Ext Inputs for sequence building. ( Multiple Livetext and- or Ivga sources)
6. Robotic Camera Control Preset Triggers (Option)
7. Preview Monitor Mode now mapped to keys - scopes (no mouse)
8. Quad View toggle now mapped to key ( no mouse )
9. LiveSet Scene control mapped to keys (no more mouse- input select- scene
10. Full control of Audio functions to be built into sequences.

that is just a tiny fraction of the capabilities.....

that's all for now............oh and price.....less than an LC-11

this is the ultimate add-on for the serious, professional, tricaster-VT owner


jp :)

P.S. my unofficial nickname : the LC-Companion!


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I'm interested! Can we get a sneak peak at a picture or drawing? Perhaps a screen shot of the management interface? Something? I'm twitching!

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