Memory Is Not Enough


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Very interesting article. Neat trick with unwelding points then negative edge bevel to do overlapping pixels.


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Hope it works for you. I still think the proposed method is a bit more "math-free", mainly if you need that the segments don't keep the same frame aspect ratio.


P.D. Just in case, by the time I wrote the article, the native LW Shift Camera didn't exist.


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Was just reminded how much easier everything works today compared to just a few years ago. Interesting to read!


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(yes, I'm aware it's a necropost, Wayback capture is fading with time though, seemed worth docs capture)

That's one of those techniques that really ought to be captured in some kind of "Advanced Techniques" section of the LW docs, rather than leaving it to sit incomplete (the images might still be in wayback, but no longer connected to article), only to eventually fade away from even the Wayback machine until it's gone for good.

It's also a workflow where it wouldn't take much improvement in OOB LW to provide a much simpler and more direct approach for achieving the same thing -- there's no particular benefit to requiring so many steps to produce what's essentially a multi-segment high-resolution render, and substantial benefits in providing the same OOB in an easily-attainable manner.
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