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Just unboxed the DS and got it up and running today. However, we are not able to stream locally through the Wowza Streaming Engine. When I initiate the stream, I get an error that says "Streaming Channel 1: Streaming: Connection refused by server".
Any thoughts?


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I asked around about this, and got this reply:

This is a symptom of the Wowza license not being active. I get the same thing on mine where the dev license has expired. He should make sure he's done the registration process we. He could also try this: click the gear to the right of the clock, then click the button to open Wowza Engine Manager. (I think the default login is *admin/password). If the license is not valid, he won't be able to log in even if the name and password are correct. If it doesn't work after he's registered, he should contact CS.

* He can check (or change) that by finding a file named "admin.password" (whaddayaknow!) in "c:\Wowza Media Systems\Wowza Streaming Engine 4.x.x\conf"


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THANK YOU. All signs point to an email from Wowza that has the license for the streaming engine which has not made it to us yet.
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