Media DS To Brightsign Digital Signage Player


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Hello Folks,

I have a Media DS in the office and a brightsign player that I would like to get the output of the media ds via uel into the brightsign player.
The brightsign Player supports rtsp,udp,hls,formats.
MediaDS has 4 seperate channels which generates a ip address but i cant use that because the brightsign player ls 423 doesnt support flash.
Does anyone know how I can setup wowza streaming engine rtsp,udp,hls etc.


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I've done done this with a stock standard Wowza Streaming Engine but no idea how you configure this on the Newtek version and the MediaDS manual is pretty light on info. Maybe open a support ticket. RTP/RTSP MPEG-TS or HLS should work just fine - H.264 video and AAC audio.

If you need HTML to display on the BS unit you could just make a basic HTML page and point it at the HLS source.

Zane Condren

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The Media DS has a full version of Wowza Streaming Engine so this is possible but not an out of the box solution. Wowza has extensive documentation on their website and if you need additional assistance our professional services team can help.
Click Add Custom Property, specify the following settings in the Add Custom Property dialog box, and then click Add:
Path – Select /Root/Application/RTP.
Name – Enter audioPacketizerAAC.
Type – Select String.
Value – Enter
Click Save, and then restart the live application to apply the changes.
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