Mathematical curves in the real word, and Lightwave


In anticipation of this very useful forum remaining online to serve the LW community, I'm uploading some notes I've been working on recently.
They cover the application and creation of parabola, hyperbola and catenary curves. I have also included the information about math functions and constants which can be used in Lightwave, but appear to have been dropped from the manual after version 8.

Hope this is of use or interest to someone.




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Curmudgeon in Training
I might not use these much, but always appreciate having basic info that should be in the docs in the first place.



You're welcome, guys.

I mainly put it together so I didn't have to relearn it next time I needed to do anything like that, but thought it was worth sharing so others could avoid having to figure it out for themselves. I learned how to do these with pencil, ruler and compasses on a drawing board many, many years ago. It's good to 'modernise' my knowledge from time to time. ;)

"I might not use these much"
- LOL. Obviously depends on the kind of work you do with Lightwave, but when you know what you're looking for, those shapes are everywhere in the real world!


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