Masking feature in 2.1 and 2.5?


Is the masking feature in 2.1 and 2.5 only for allowing separate chroma key control for up to four zones because of chroma key color variation in an image or can it effectively be used to "cut out" unwanted parts of the image that are not chroma keyed but need to be (called a garbage matte I think). I can see wanting to insert the chroma keyed portion of an image into a scene but my green screen was too small to cover the whole frame. In other words, I would like to mask out garbage and use the green screen for only the fine separation of actor and background.


LightWave Fan Boi
Creating masks and mattes in SE is not really something SE does very well. The tools available are very limited and the approach you want to take to achieve your goal is better done by using the control tree to crop the edges of the clip to the edges of the greenscreen and then keying out the greenscreen itself with the keying tools.

Creating garbage matte (or any other kind of matte) for this objective is really unnecessary.

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