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In the boxed version, you can simply use the Windows Start Menu, Programs>NewTek>SpeedEdit Documentation (the link needs 'repair' in the download version.)


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Someone from Newtek had posted something in one of the threads about "waiting for more manuals to be printed" holding up some shipments...

So is there a hardcopy manual in the box?


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I wondered the same question when I saw that post. I was under the impression there wasn't going to be one. I love being able to search an electronic manual, but there is much to be said for hardcopy.


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The new trend now days seems to be leave out the hard copy and just include the electronic version.
Personally I like having a hard copy, but I think more and more companies are ditching that. I assume due to printing and shipping costs.


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Yeah, I prefer a hard copy manual, too. But more and more companies are only going with pdf, including Newtek.

It was confirmed in a thread on the Safe Harbor site that the only hard copy docs included in the box is a 25-page Quick Start guide.

It was also noted that the box is a "store ready" flap cover box, like the Vegas box. So you never know, we may see it in retail stores.
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