Making a scene that is backwards go forwards


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I recently had a reel of film that was not rewound correctly. I tried to correct it and the film is too brittle to run the correct way (wound the wrong way too many years on the reel) so I ended up transfering it upsidedown and backward.I was able to flip the video, but it is still running in reverse. Is there a way on SE 1.5 to make it play forward? To flip the film, I went into the control tree and found the way to flip it from upside down to right side up, but it is still in reverse. Thanks.

Scott Bates

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F8 = Clip Properties. Select the clip and click the little button beside "Reverse" - been exactly there more than once....


Lynn Cress
However, if you have an affect such as a fade in / fade out on the beginning and end of the clip then your incoming video and outgoing video go in reverse.

If the clip is not too long, its a good idea to render your reverse clip out to a file and bring it back in to replace the original. That makes it a lot easier to deal with if you want to do fades, speed change, etc.
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