Making a LW Bones Animation Walk In Director


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I am thinking the way to go about making a character walk is to do the walking loop (the 'character relative movement') in LW and to do the moving of the character across the floor (the 'world relative movement') in Director. What do you all think?

....So I now have a character, created in Lightwave, that walks. The walk cycle was created in Lightwave using the bones feature. The w3d is then loaded into my Director world and the walk cycle runs (after lots of struggles).

It's a looped walk cycle and I want to make it surge forward on the 'stepping' parts of the two step loop (and not move in between steps). I can read the currentime ('keyframePlayer.currentTime') of the motion on each Director exitframe or something and then make it surge forward at the correct point in the motion but wouldn't it be easier on my movie's fps (better for performance) to just receive a "cue" from the imported LW motion and then have Director act on that (Instead of having Director constantly read the currentime of the motion)?

>> Is there such a thing in Lightwave? Can you put a cue in the motion before exporting as w3d like you can in an audio file in Director (when you read it with 'cuePassed' lingo)

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