Making a logo, or not as it turns out.


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I have 3D Arsenal, I have tried to load a logo into modeler. I have made the logo an AI8 file. When I go to import it, it takes the file name no problem, but nothing appears in the windows in modeler. What could I be doing wrong, or, what could be the problem?

I believe the AI8 file I have is corrupt, as it would not load here. I have an AI9 file, but that will not work.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am attaching the logo that I want made into a lwo.



  • Comcast_Logo.bmp
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Don Ballance

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The file must be a true vector file.
You can't load a bmp for instance and just save it as an illustrator file as there are no vectors.

There is a service/program called vector Magic. This will turn 2D graphics into vector graphics. The files it save out are CS3 format so you will still need to take that result into Illustrator and save as an AI8.
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