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I have a client that wants after the DVD clip has played that a screen will come up that will allow the costumer to click on it and go to there web site. The DVD would have to loaded in a computer of course. How can this be done and does DVD workshop do this:help:


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No, that's not something that DVD Workshop can do for you.

I am not sure what you're asking is in the DVD spec, I don't think it is.

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If you put a menu page in the menu sequence, you can have the website listed for entering manually for those with a TV set and instructions for use in a PC to exit the player and activate the HTML page you have included in the DVD rom extra features.
This can only be done if your authoring program can add this feature.

I have done this for many clients.

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You can use nero.
First you use your authoring program to make a dvd title to a directory.
Second you make a folder called dvd rom.
Third you open nero to burn a dvd.
fourth you copy the videots folder contents to the videots folder in the nero burn window
fifth you navigate your compilation window in nero to show the root directory add your dvd rom folder to the root directory.
sixth you burn the dvd.

The dvd rom folder should contain the html full link to the website.
the html link can be made with microsoft word.

So simple that a child? or only.... any one can do it!

any problems a phone call can be made to the number on my website


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The full version of DVD Workshop 2 will let you add a folder of "extra" files to your DVD, but as I said, you can't just click on something while watching the DVD to have it launch a website.


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DVD links are not part of the general spec of DVD-Video. They are a popular extension though. Popular in commercial DVD-Video offerings anyway. Made this way through utilizing a protected trademark facility from InterActual that featured in many early generation PC based DVD players (often using dedicated hardware decoders with video output and VGA (black-keyed) overlay (such as SigmaDesigns Hollywood+/Creative Labs DXR series). The capability extends into many modern day software players and indeed some internet enabled set top boxes.

It is a licensed capability so as for set top boxes generally (with IP/ethernet interfaces) this is still a feature that is about as rare as native SACD or DVD-Audio capability.

As for authoring it, well- Sonic Solutions adopted the technology with such vigor that they bought InterActual in 2004.

autorun.inf (Windows) and autostart (OSX) have various options to start either alongside or instead of your natural DVD player software (assuming PC playback rather than an internet enabled appliance like an XBOX 360 or PS3 etc).

Later versions of Windows allow both executables and scripts to be immediately referenced by the autorun.inf. Earlier versions aren't so flexible making at least a 'loader' executable necessary. Making this type of stuff work universally isn't unlike the earlier days of making a website work with both IE and Netscape. I suppose it is somewhat safe to assume that your audience will be using Windows 2000 or newer?

There are a number of free and commercial offerings that make use of the tendency to initialize on these components prior to the computer subsystem noticing that your disc also contains a DVD-Video structure. Google for 'autorun.inf multimedia dvd-video' ....

Making the web link appear at the end of play of the DVD-Video (especially if the movie has a menu or can be paused or skipped) would be a challenge to code for without the interactual hooks. Scenarist etc isn't cheap and interactual is an add-on afaik.
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