MacOS NDI Virtual Input auto-start and connect?


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Hi, I'm on a Mac, using NDI Virtual Input with QLab and it works very well.

I'm trying to automate the startup of this complex AV installation. I need NDI Virtual Input to start at boot, wait for my source to appear, and connect to that source. Normally, I'd use Applescript for this (and my Applescript is decent) but so far NDI Virtual Input is defying me.

It seems to be not enough to use System Events to click the appropriate menu items. On startup, Virtual Input writes "No Sources Available" in the "Sources" Menu. "No problem," I think "I'll just wait in a loop until the sources become available." But the sources seem not to update until I physically move my mouse over the menu bar. At that point, NDI Virtual Input updates the list and the script completes.

Applescript seemed like the way to go, but I would be happy with absolutely any alternate solution to the startup problem.



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