Mac Format Problems & Choppy Video


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The last month approximately the video feed has been acting excessively choppy and skipping alot. Wondering if anyon knows what might be causing that. Also the main problem ive been havng is everyone is giving me stuff in mac formats such as mp4, mov etc. But the vt isnt recognizing any of them. Is there a patch or some way i can get the VT5 to read those files and work with them?


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The best thing to do would be to try and get those videos delivered to you in a better format that the VT would be able to process. You might also try picking up Quicktime Pro, which would let you transcode those to something like a DV .mov file, which the VT should be able to play okay.

Are you getting choppiness in DDR playback only, or is it also showing up with live video sources. You might try defragmenting your hard disks. If you are playing back odd ball formats that the VT doesn't really like, that might cause it as well. If VT-Edit/SpeedEDIT will open those formats, you might try running them through there are rendering them back out in a VT friendly file format for live playback.

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