M/E outputs of Mix Engine


I've read carefully the Mix engine documentation. If I understand right, I can get maximum 4 M/E on discrete outputs of the system, either SDI or NDI, as M/E cannot be assigned through the NDI matrix.

Is it right ? If I want to use M/E to output content to IMAG fro example, I'm stuck with up to three, as obviously I should keep the first MIX bus for my program.



Zane Condren

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Yes, Jerome you are correct that in order to get an M/E out of the Output Module it needs to be assigned to one of the Mix outputs on the VMC1 Engine.


'the write stuff'
That said, any Mix output (and a number of other things) can be assigned to any of 8 additional NDI outputs (if you need them as SDI, you can achieve this in a variety of ways, including the VMC1 Out unit).
I understand, but if it works some way as on TC8000 for example, Mix buses are always NDI-enabled, right ?

Then, in my opinion, there is no need to assign a Mix out to another NDI output through the matrix, as any NDI stream can be assigned to several destinations....


'the write stuff'
True - but having Mix busses on the Output rows let's you conveniently switch extra fully-independent NDI output channels to any Switcher source or a Mix, which has potential applications. Stated another way, an OUT bus permanently assigned to a MIX is no better than the original MIX output itself; but being able to freely switch the OUT source gives you an output option with considerable flexibility - times eight.
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