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Hello all,

I currently use VT4.6 to do a live broadcast of a church's worship. We have VT5.2 upgrade, LC11, LiveText, and TimeWarp on the way from NewTek and part of what I want to do (and what my boss wants me to do, more importantly) is have lyrics to hymns on screen during the broadcast. We will be using a separate PC to do all the CG's as well as a dedicated operator, so that part of the puzzle isn't an issue.

The issue is it has to be within our current design template as trying to build an image on television and online, and not take up all of the screen. I'm not sure about a scrolling page working too well as the conductor will speed up or slow down the choir's tempo as needed to fit within our 59 minutes on air.

Does anyone have a good solution or a template to point me towards?


Keith Gandy

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our church incorporates a Photoshop template and script that we have developed for our layout use. That produces PNG files that we save to titled subdirectories and can be pulled up for later use.

The benefit for us is that scripts developed in Photoshop version 7 and above allow for reading from txt files, reducing keyboarding by the operator.

This might not fit what you are attempting to do, but at least it is one further tool for the toolbox.

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