LWSN freezing "freeing frame buffers"


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I used to use LWSN fine in windows 7 land, now windows 10 has installed itself like cancer everywhere I foolishly thought I'd try to use it again, and now whatever I do I get nodes dying randomly at the "freeing frame buffers" stage.

I've had a squint in the forums & on google & it sounds like a common problem, but I NEVER used to get it like I do now on my old windows 7 machines (using LW11x, not 2015).

On the LW11 & win7 set up I had in the UK I used to run one node per CPU core, with no where near the amount or random node crashes I'm getting now with 2015 & win 10.
I've gone down to one node per machine & I'm still getting nodes hanging on (you guessed it) "freeing frame buffers". I'm writing this on a MacbookPro i7/16G-RAM/500G-SSD in windows 10 home running a single node, and that's stuck "freeing frame buffers", and has been for the last 30 minutes (I think it's terminal!).
The rest of the machines are having a mixed time: an Asus laptop also with an i7/16G-RAM/500G-SSD/windows 10 home is going along still fine, even the old Asus i3 laptop with 4G-RAM/and a 'no-idea' hard drive with Windows 7 home is still working. But the kicker! My Z800 with 2 hex core Xeons 80G-RAM/250G-SSD/128G-SSD(swap file)/windows 10 pro is frozen, and yes it's "freeing frame buffers" and only running 1 LWSN node- ta dah!
The scene wasn't exactly huge either, this macbook showed about 2-4 gigs memory out of 16 used before it (LWSN) croaked - surely that's not good?

As I said, the scene I was rendering wasn't exactly Avatar (see attached, make that see link - tried to upload it here twice then gave up!), 500 odd frames of a tracked shot from Syntheyes, with a background image sequence, a point cloud and a few cones bolted onto a few of the points. The most exotic thing would have been a couple of DP lights! And all the nodes managed a few frames before dying (the two old Asus laptops even kept on going this time!), so all the network drives & config files rubbish would appear to be working...

Scene & render-

Is there a fix for this yet? Reading another thread about LWSN breaking if the '.' & the ',' were reversed in keyboard mapping (with nothing to mention if this issue was ever fixed for users or not!) - it doesn't exactly sound like Screamernet is the most supported part of Lightwave.
Or the most robust for that matter!

Does anyone else get this annoyance?...

Help... Please... It used to work much better than this I'm sure...


PS. I suppose it's back to unplugging the rj45 & running multiple GUIs then... I'd rather not have to!
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