lws and LWO file Format reference?


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Hi there,

I am programming an external crowd simulation App. Just a small program in VB to automate MDD and Object replacement.

I am running into problems, so someone can help me out:

LWS Format:
I couldn't find any reference on how certain switches work. Especially the Object referencing -> i.e. when you want to Target an object at a null it says "TargetItem 10000001". Waht kind of reference code is "10000001"?

LWO Format:
How do I read it in to get Vertex coordinates?

Any help highly appreciated! Thank you!



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For loading in LWO's, check out the code in the SDK at this path: sample/lwobject. There are routines in there that will read in an LWO file. All you need to do is grab the vertex data from the structures they return.

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