LWO importer for Photoshop


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Small suggestion.
The LWO importer plugin for Photoshop needs to be included with the Install Package for Rendition.
Currently it is not, at least it doesn't seem to be, nor is downloading it and installing it mentioned anywhere in the install instructions for rendition.
It should just be installed the same time rendition is installed.

In case someone runs across this problem here is the solution.
Problem: You cannot see LWO files in Photoshop
You will need to download the
LightWave Rendition™ For Adobe Photoshop LightWave Object Importer

The Link for this plugin should be on your Registerd products download page under
LightWave Rendition™ For Adobe Photoshop Downloads

Download it and make sure Photoshop is closed.
Run the installer.
Open Photoshop and go to File/Open
For Files of type Select: ALL Formats

You should be able to see LWO files now.
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