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Ok it’s one of those weird ones.
With a new scene, load object, add StarPro works fine.....:thumbsup:

Just tried the scene from yesterday and it works fine also.....:confused:
Maybe LW just needed a restart.


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Excellent! Finicky computers. Now I won't have to send my space fleet (that picture was an actual photo of my "Primitive Space Alliance") to make things right. ;)



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I don't know if this is the right place to mention but YAMATOWORKS YS Plugins appear to be updated for specifically for LW2020. I am not sure of the differences with previous versions, but these are dated 25th November 2020.

YS: AnimKit ver 1.01 (November 25, 2020)
YS: CharacterKit ver 1.50 (November 25, 2020)
YS: Skelegon Kit ver 1.01 (November 25, 2020)
YS: VMapKit ver 1.00 (November 25, 2020)
YS: ModelerKit ver 1.00 (November 25, 2020)
YS: LayoutKitA ver 1.00 (November 25, 2020)
YS: LayoutKitB ver 1.00 (November 25, 2020)

Translated English page, but inactive download links may have to be downloaded from original Japanese page.



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...YAMATOWORKS YS Plugins appear to be updated for specifically for LW2020...

Thanks for the alert. These appear to be at least the 3rd releases of these plugins (previously in 2017 and 2019) despite the "1.00" version numbers that display on that page.

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So I started testing plugins for LW2020...

Many plugin are broken, also there seem to be some changes with Codepages, there are encoding errors.

Maybe this thread could be used to post plugin updates (which ones work over time).

So far I've tested

- RHiggit Pro --> not working (see screenshot below)
- TFD --> not working when trying to render (see screenshot below)
- OD Substance Reader --> seems not to work but maybe an issue on my end - can someone confirm? (see screenshot below)
- OD UberPass --> seems to work basically, just some encoding issues with the Umlauts (see screenshot below)
- OD Pie Menu --> works
- OD Tools 2015/2018/2019 --> too many to be tested, but some I tested do work
- RR Tools --> seems to work
- 3rd Powers PaintWeights --> doesn't work, weight paint is immediately lost when releasing the mouse
- db&w Spline Tools --> seems to work
- db&w qckHud / qckPck --> couldn't activate my license
- db&w NodeMeister --> couldn't activate my license
- DP plugins --> not tested

- LWCAD 2018 --> works
- 3rd Powers LWBrush --> works
- 3rd Powers MetaMesh --> works
- 3rd Powers HeatShrink+ --> works
- QuadPanels --> works
- PxBezier --> works
- QuickBolt --> works
- Rope Editor Plus --> seems not to work, Rope Manager there's an error message

I hope the many non-working plugins will be updated!

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With the current situation it probably is pointless, but here it goes anyway. To whom it may concern...

(I haven't dealt with the FeedbackAgent before, and I was testing this with 2020 discovery, so given the LW situation I'm not going to waste my limited time with figuring out to do a bug submission that way.)

There's a bug in the LW2020 (2020.0.2 at least) implementation if the legacy plugin interface for LWSurfaceFuncs::byName (SurfaceByName). The result is that plugins using "Surface Functions" versions older than 6 will fail to get the surface ID (or get the wrong ID) for surfaces whose name is longer than 8 characters.

The bug was likely introduced by UTF conversion changes done in 2020. 2019 or older does not exhibit this. The bug specifics are that the legacy "byName"(/SurfaceByName) function converts the "name" and "objName" parameters using LocusReencodeStringBuffer (assumed UTF conversion). However for some reason it appears that the output buffer size supplied to LocusReencodeStringBuffer when it converts the 'name' is set to 8 instead of 256 - which is the actual buffer size - so longer names get truncated.

From an end-user POV, the takeaway would be that if you need to run an old plugin - with no update available - that fails on this, you'll have to rename surfaces so they aren't longer than 8 characters (in UTF form, which might in some case mean even less actual characters).
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More StarPro issues.
Resolved my previous problem by creating a new scene.

But more recently, if I had StarPro in the scene and select a different camera keyframe and render just get streaky lines.

Seems to be if camera frames exist and add SP, then fine.
If add SP then start moving camera......bad.

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