Anyone there at Newtek 3D Arsenal? I wrote a message on 12-27-2010 asking about compatibility with LW10. I called Tech Support and they said I could "probably" use the latest config files of 9.2. I have a "64" system.


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I made LW 10 config files.
They go in: c:\Users\<username>\.NewTek\LightWave\10.0\

I also had to install a plugin from lw8: \legacy_plugins\modeler\layerset.p

I haven't tested all the Arsenal functions so beware.


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Here are the 64 bit config files. I used the ones posted here but they did not have all of the menu layout in them. I made the minor changes to add the menu layout to the modeler and layout.

Other than that doing as he said above and doing the edit/add plugins as described in the original install tutorial has 3DA working like a charm in LW10.

Thank you Jeff!



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You will have to manually add those buttons using the edit menu layout. I didnt see them at first on mine as well.

Here are the steps...

1. Go to edit and open edit menu layout.
Under the "Menus" window on the right side look for 3D arsenal and expand it.

Search for the following menu items. They will show up on the left side under the "Command" window. You can drag them over and place them accordingly in their positions under the 3D Arsenal list on the "Menus" window. You can also add a new group for any groups that are missing under the "Menus" window.

Creation Tools
-Surface editor
-Image editor

Sizing Tools
-Single Sizer
-Line Sizer
-Line Sizer 2D
-Letter Sizer

Pivot Tools

-Center Pivots
-Edit Pivots
-Zero Pivots

Modify Tools

Multiply Tools (Should already be in the list)

Selection Tools
-Invert Selection
-Select Connected

2. On the layouts menu there are a few missing items as well.

-Render Frame
-Render Scene
-Render Global (Please note that in the original 3DA this was called Render Options. Although it is available in the list it does not work. Search for Render Globals and use it instead.)
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I'm starting to get things together and I appreciate the help. When I installed the 3DA Wedding Event Ammo Pack, a message appeared that said, "No plug-in type MasterHandler found with name .SpreadsheetStandardBanks. Would you like to load it from disk?" Can't find that file on disk.


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The event ammo packs should be no different to bring in as they are just project files. As for the error message you have gotten that is an error I get from time to time when opening projects. I have gotten them since Lightwave 7.5c.

I can usually close the message and proceed with the project.


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Setup 3D Arsenal like Chad Douglas recommended using his 64 bit configs,

worked like a charm, thanks!

- derrick


I did need it for the 64 bit but after we spoke on the phone you said that to get the 32bit into the 64 bit mode, I would have to search for the catagories. I finally found them in Edit>Edit menu>additional for modeler and Edit>Edit menu>plugins for Layout.
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