LW + Shock3D + havok = lovely :-D


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I was one of the first to shout it doesn't work. But actually LW and director work fine together. All this about Havok not working is total bull - yes if you use the behaviors that come with havok it's a tad easier with Max but you can't make say a full blown game with these behaviors.

I've posted tips and tricks for bone animation here before and a link to a game that uses havok (search for Yarg)

Here's a game that doesn't use Havok (sorry about the barrier collisions - they are quick and dirty!) but shows that bone anim works fine with LW.

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Just wanted to add, you are totally right! I have tried most applications together with ShockWave3D and despite its quirks, LightWave is the one with least problems (in my experience).

It is easy to make bones animated objects, parenting works by default (unlike 3DS Max which needs an extra plugin to the exporter to do so). Cinema 4D sets all surfaces to smoothed when exporting to W3D, even if they are set to be flatshaded by the user. Softimage XSI does not support export of bones. I have not tried Maya, but I guess that might be the most developed one so far, but I don't know. Truespace is icon-nightmare even if it has export to W3D.

I have a hobby-project that evovles slowly, but I hope to make it a fun and good looking driving game by using Havok. Modelling is done in LightWave DE.


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