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Mr Bickel

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Hi All,

I have 20 issues (I believe 22 total issues were published) of the original LW Pro magazines including the premier issue and premier newsletter, as well as 42 issues of Video Toaster User magazine that are chock full of LW info and tricks. I also have the first two issues of Lightwavin (LW Pro's successor). I learned a lot from these magazines with many cool LW tricks and techniques that were never published after that. All magazines are in very good condition, most only looked at once then stored inside an air conditioned room since 1993.

ALL are available for free plus cost of shipping. I believe all will fit into two large priority flat rate boxes so yer lookin at about $50.00 for between 60 and 70 high quality vintage Lightwave and Toaster magazines.

If your're interested, please get back at your convenience to me at [email protected]

Thank You,

Guy Bickel
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I'm looking for the November 1994 volume 4 number 11 issue of the Video Toaster User magazine. digital or print copy. Thanks


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I have a set of VTU from Dec 93-97 not consecutive They are in fair to good condition (Nov 94 is in there) Anyone interested, just have to pay for shipping.
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