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Smb. help me! How I can use LW in VT? How create virtual studio for RT-broadcast? Objects LW Express must interact with real objects in VT (shadows, reflections and etc). There're all real? If yes - post her please :)
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First of all, Lightwave isn't real-time. You're not going to be able to take Lightwave objects and insert them in your live video stream and have interaction with them. You can do all this in post of course. I would suggest getting your feet wet in Lightwave. Go through some of the tutorials on Newtek's site and check the forum for other sources of tutorials. Get a feeling for how Lightwave works and what it can do.


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I don't think so! I meen, e.g.: people's shadow and reflection will in virtstud... Some filters, effects with VT-vga and no problem :)
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You can create a virtual studio in Lightwave in two ways.

1 - For live use - you can create a scene that you will key your live camera feed over - however this will not allow for any shadows or reflections, and is really only practical in a single camera situation.

2 - In post production - you can shoot all of your footage recording it to tape, or straight to the VT hard drives, and then importing the footage into Lightwave so that it is an element in the scene. This will not work live, but can allow for reflections, shadows, etc.
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