LW B747 Benchmark (LW 2020+)


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- I'm providing these two LW scenes made in LightWave3D v2020.x for BENCHMARK purposes.
They are intended to be uses as LW Benchmark (LW_B747_Bench) scene for testing/comparing various workstation render speeds (bragging rights ;)).

- It's usable ONLY in LW 2020 and above (so please do not compare older LW render-times or change settings 'coz then it's pointless test if circumstances are different/changed).
Although LW 2019 and 2018 will load scenes fine it will not give proper results due missing features since they both use new tone mapping feature only available in LW 2020+.
So i suggest LW 2020 and above ONLY (at least for posting bench results).

- It contains 4.95 million of polygons and uses about 5.8GB of system RAM during render-time so even systems with 8GB RAM should be able to use it easily.

- Scenes are optimized for performance/quality ratio and they are NOT fully clean of noise (i know that but it's good enough for Bench/test) but i wanted to have it fairly quickly on fast computers (like 64+ threads AMD TR or Xeons) and medium speed computers like i7/R7 or even older/slower like i5/R5 computers.
So it should render roughly from 5-55 minutes depending on your machine specs.

Archive contains TWO scenes:
1. LW_B747_Bench.lws - this one is faster to render, lighting is just luminous polys+GI.
2. LW_B747_Bench_Volumetric.lws - this one is roughly 3x slower than No1 'coz additional volumetric lights.

- Models (Boeing747.lwo and Hangar.lwo) are made by Elvis Blazencic aka Lewis and are free to use for Personal work and this Benchmark but NOT allowed for commercial work or any resale of models.

- So usage is that you Load Scene 1 (LW_B747_Bench.lws), Hit F9 and wait and then post your render-time + screen-grab as proof and if you feel lucky you try heavy one with "LW_B747_Bench_Volumetric.lws" and do same :).

Thanks and I hope you enjoy this test.

Here is the File Link

P.S. This is not NewTek/VizRT Official Benchmark so don't send any Requests/Questions to them :)

P.P.S. I couldn't upload 18.8 MB fiel to the forum so it's on Dropbox but Maybe SBowie can upload it to the forum/some permanent link ? (Thanks in Advance Steve :))

skype : lewis3d


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Hey all,

My machine has been throttling all day because of the heat, so instead of 3.4 GHz it was going at 3.09 GHz, but here are my results (my spec is in the sig).

Layout_2020-06-23_20-52-24.jpg 16m4 (964.0)

I'll render the volumetric version next. It took quite a bit longer, but here it is.

Layout_2020-06-23_21-49-54.jpg 53m32 (3212.6)

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Thanks for joining in Ben.

Yes Volumetrics version is roughly 3x longer as i noted, only for Big boys ;).


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Not bad.
But: a real hangar ceiling is packed with LED panels these days (no filmspots).
And it has transparent doors for max daylight.


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I could perhaps see using Advanced Camera with real lens settings here (to increase compute load), but what's the purpose of using Shift Camera here (esp. w/o DoF)?


geo messy
Threadripper 3960x | 64 GB ram @3200 14 14 14 34 1T | PCIe m.2 SSD

Volumetric: 20m 11s
Bench: 06m 06s


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I could perhaps see using Advanced Camera with real lens settings here (to increase compute load), but what's the purpose of using Shift Camera here (esp. w/o DoF)?

Straightening side walls of Hangar (and thus logo textures). Shift camera is basically like Architectural camera, so vertical lines are straight even with wide angles as this one (18 mm). Otherwise LW logos/wall would look crooked (feel free to change camera and see).

But again, please guys you are missing the point if we discuss model and technical correctness of Hangar windows, shape, etc., etc.

It is not mandatory and nobody has to use it. If someone do not like the way it is it's totally ok to skip it :). It is just fun project, testing and i made it for free and wanted to share with community.



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Think of that beautiful extra CPU load with 1000+ lights, and maybe GI from outside!
Besides that, an attractive image would generate more interest in this (your!) benchmark.


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Threadripper 3970x | 256 GB Ram @ 3200 16 18 18 38 1T | 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 SSD

Bench : 4 min 47s

Volumetric : 16 min 9s

LightWave3D v2020.0.1
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not bad, just under 8 mins on my 10 year old intel tech,
and considering the 7980xe and 10980xe are both now under £1000 that's quite a good core for core cost
7 min 6 sec on an air cooled 2990WX. A bit of a hot day here with no AC so it might be just slightly faster on a cooler day. My specs on my signature.


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Good traction guys, thanks maybe we should make a LIST of all posted results so far so we have Hi-Score list :).


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SceneCPUGHzThreadsVideoRAM (GB)Render Time
LW_B747_BenchXeon E55072.278AMD FirePro V580081h 26m 20s (5180 seconds)
LW_B747_BenchRyzen 9 3950X3.8932Nvidia RTX 2080 Super329m 41s (581 seconds)
LW_B747_Bench_VolumetricRyzen 9 3950X3.8932Nvidia RTX 2080 Super3232m 16s (1936 seconds)
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