LW 2020 - Node editor Improvements


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I told it couple times many years ago:
user selects couple nodes, clicks "make group",
and new group node is made, the all selected nodes are copied and pasted to that new group node,
and the all connections which they had inputs and outputs are preserved..

And vice versa, to dissolve group node to parent node editor.


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Some quick examples of the kinds of node editor improvements needed (present in other apps):

  • "Smart" drag&drop of entities into node editor so relevant entities'/channels' nodes appear in editor

  • "Backdrops" for smart sectioning and annotation of complex node flows (including pinning, folding, etc.)

  • Viewing/hiding subsections of nodes/links based on connectivity ("solo-mode for nodes")

  • "Elbows"/connectors to help organization of link routing

  • Organized duplication of nodes with or without maintaining connections

  • Non-destructive dynamic disable/enable of node links on-the-fly while editing

  • Various node alignment and spacing tools to help organization

  • "Smart" wiring-up of nodes "dropped onto" existing nodes / links

  • Various tools to highlight relationships between nodes and links and entities in other editor panels/views
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Having the ability to sign/encrypt compounds for distribution is essential to fostering a viable ecosystem

Much better ability to preview and organize externally-sourced nodes and compounds is another obvious, critical need -- the current node panel is terribly inefficient for that, names alone aren't nor have ever been adequate labeling as to purpose/contents of substantial quantities of entities of any sort. Having some kind of visual preview of the node flow itself, along with embedded descriptive metadata (author, name, version, description, etc.) would be significantly more efficient.
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More control over on local and world for translate/rotation/scale, more dynamic as FX to move as complex, more easy to understand for to use what for?, adding toggle to mute to see the changing or not, follow as dynamic on path curve for duplicated object and python script support too to handle more complex.


1. Zoomability, currently it stops at a non acceptable level ..we need to zoom in more than current level.
2. option to set middle mouse button to move/pan and scroll button to zoom..this is a One hand operation rather than currently using two hands.
3. insert nodes inbetween a current node binding, and it will autoconnect with proper inputs( see blender)
4. Bypass option flags for nodes, making a node non active or active. (see houdini)
5. Fix the sidepanel settings that used to work when clicking on a node, rather than having to double click to get to a nodal setting.


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Make/unmake some node favorite. View the all favorite list (separate node tree branch?)
Add/remove compound node to the list of nodes.
e.g. user is making compound nodes, adds them to favorites, and they are listed together with built-in nodes in node tree.
And they can be reused in different project.
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