LW 2018 HUB does not sync, Win10


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This has been an issue for months. It works on rare occasion. I've tried everything so far that I could find in the forum—all but reinstalling the OS. Any ideas?
This is a known issue on Windows 10 1903 update for LW 2018 and most of the 2019 series of releases. Many experienced this issue but some didn't. It was fixed in LW 2019.1.3. You will have to upgrade to LW 2019 to get the build that fixes this issue.

Alternatively you can disable the Hub and manually work between modeller and layout. See docs here on how to disable the Hub. https://docs.lightwave3d.com/lw2019/reference/interchange/the-hub

You also may want to wait to see if LW 2020 is released over the next few weeks like releases the previous 2 years and just upgrade to that rather than LW 2019. It will probably give you more bang for the buck plus bug fixes for the next year.
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