LScript "Wish List"

Tutorials, Documentation. I would love to play with LScript but it is too alien. I have nowhere to start. If there's a good set of "beginner" starting tutorials out there, please advise! (And documentation so one can grow into the direction they want.)
Thank you!


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Some people have complained about the lscript documentation. Lscript was the first programming language I learned and I found the resources quite sufficient - LScript User Manual and Reference Manual, old release notes, other peoples lscript files, a copy of the the lscript mailing list archive; Read the first, use the rest when your coding. - The only thing you need beyond that is the will, the need and an idea for a script. It is perhaps the most important even as it is what would make out the biggest part of the drive to learn.
I think I will take a shot at it and see what happens. I've been wanting to try it out, so now that I've gone and opened my big mouth I guess I'll have to give it a go.


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-Increased stability in LSed.
-Line numbers in LSed.
-Consistently present scroll bars in LSed. I open scripts sometimes and there is no scroll bar, thankfully there is a wheel on the mouse.
-Better highlighting of text in LSed. Sometimes characters turn black and all of a sudden I am missing a } or something.
-Collapsing text like that found in the current version of Flash.
-Better documentation. Mike Green’s resource is great, but if there was something like the ActionScript reference ( it would be even better. Very robust search features, a full index, and the ability for users to comment on a given page- all welcome additions.



Not to scale

SciTe looks pretty good, I will be downloading it today. Thanks for pointing it out.

That said, if Newtek is going to ship an editor with LightWave I think implementing the above items would improve the product. Also wouldn't mind seeing...

-Drop down menus containing lists of all data types, methods, etc. along with a description and in context example of each.


Is there a LScript language definition for SciTe? I'm using different editor (UltraEdit) but maybe i could convert existing definition instead doing one from scratch.
art: yes there is a language definition, but i havent really used them as much, so i cant tell you the how far it goes. i do know that SciTe was designed with multiple languages in mind. possibly the hard part about all that is that the definition itself is some sort of script that you have to figure out, too. i use the C/C++ language definition and it seems okay. you can take an existing definition and then just modify it if you wish.

adam: i agree, although i can tell you of other parts of the shipped product that i wish they'd already kill, so as not to make us expect anything :) there was one product that shipped with LW that i wish they didn't kill, and that was StealthNet (bob hood's work). it could've really kicked some butt, really.

what i *did* like about LSED was the popup of functions. but it was, and still is, fickle, especially for very long scripts. i never got to get line numbers to appear in LSED. is there even such a feature?
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Matt I'd be interested in those LScripts too. :)


Here's all the LScripts I've ever done that I've commented reasonably fully (if anything to help me understand what I'm doing when I come back to them later!)

ZIP file contains:

LightWave Modeler Scripts

- - Mirror Stored Script Pack --

LightWave Layout Scripts

Any questions, let me know!



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Pleased to meet you.
Thanks for these Matt, I'll see if they mean anything to the tiny portion of my brain that is dedicated to coding.

Though you could have at least called them All_Bobs_LScripts, because now in six months time I won't know whether they're yours or mine. ;)
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