LScript vs C


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As a compSci student, I'm just curious as to the performance of a plug-in written in Lscript vs that in C. Are speeds between the two fairly comparable? Does one have more advantage than the other?

Daniel Ott
speeds are NOT comparable. lscript is much slower than C. but lscript is way much more convenient to write. it depends, i suppose on the funciton of the script/plugin. i find lscript to be generally slow on architectures like displacement, shaders, etc. lscript shines on architectures like master, generic, channel filter, and motion modifier. of course, this is only my opinion.


in days of changes and updates i would choose C++ ... best picture of BIG problems you can see this days when all 7.5 and older scripts done in previos lsc versions are totaly screwed up THX newtek.... u gave us hell of unnnecesary work out there...
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