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Hi everyone,

I thought it might be a good thing to start a "LScript Crash list" in order to minimize frustrating situations and to speed up the coding process. So let's go:

LScript seems to crash when
  • you try to nest the switch command
  • you use a generic script without showing a requester
  • you forget to close an array bracket "]"


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Yeah, I have a lot of generics which are just run by hotkeys without a requester.

Using -1 is tricky.


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@ernpchan: You are right, generic scripts do not need a requester/UI window. Thanks to your reply, I have tried to reproduce the crash but I can't.


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LScript crashes when you try to write
array[counterA-1] = value;
instead of
counterB = counterA - 1;
array[counterB] = value;
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