Lost Disk, have files


I made the big move from New Orleans to Jefferson, GA. I know this is not pertinent to my question except I can't find my original disk. I have my serial number and register number. I do have all the files necessary except all the tutorials. Whenever, if ever, I find the disk it will be okay. But at this time and a basement load of boxes I was wondering if there is a site or somebody can tell me how to set up LW9 with 3D arsenal (config files and all). I do have LW8 with 3D arsenal but want to get it into LW9.

Aaron Video

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3D Arseal installed into LW 8.5 problems?

Has anyone had the problem when loading scenes that there are no numbered jpeg images in the screens. All I'm getting is colored backgrounds and they're listed in the Surface Editor as Video_1/2/3 and not jpegs as in the tutorial.
It makes it impossible to follow the tutorial when I'm not able to duplicate what I see.
I have LW 8.5 and the tutorial is displayed thru LW 7.5. In this case I do not have all the same tools diplayed in the left toolbar.
What could be the problem and is there a solution.
I've been editing on the VT for over 5 years but have never used LW so I'm not at all familiar with it. I bought 3d Arsenal to take advantage of LW, but find it just as daunting when the tutorials don't match what I see.
Yes I have created the required content dir. and plugin dir.. And what's with that? The DVD when loaded opens an install wizard that can't install those dir. for you?
Comeon Toasterdudes I'm sure you could create that simple step.
Please help Thanks:
Steve / AVP

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This could be 2 things

1. The plug-ins are not loaded. Please follow the tutorial for rescanning the plugins

2. The display settings are set wrong in LW.
Hit the d key
go to Open GL
Make sure OPen GL Multi Texturing is turned off.

If this does not solve your issues, please content [email protected]
or me at [email protected]
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