Losing chroma within VT5

Lee U

Old Timer
I had this problem about 1 or 2 yrs ago and can't remember what fixed the problem. While recording live using y/c, input one loses the color, quick check of cables show all connected securely. I then moved the input cable on the SX84 to input 7 and the color is back. Then input 2 goes b/w.
Move the input 2 cable to SX84 input 8, then the previous change goes b/W. Did a restart of the computer and no change to the outcome. Everything worked fine earlier while not recording to the computer using .vtr uncompressed. I always record on a second system to tape for back up, (Don't trust computers,) so I didn't lose anything except the quality I get uncompressed. Has anyone experienced this problem and/or what is the solution? Thank for a reply.

Computer: supermicro 2x3.0 xion
VT4 board, upgrade VT5.2c
RS8 and SX84
5 x Y/C inputs
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