looking for w3d exporter that supports multiple texture layers


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I use LW and want to export multiple texture layers so that I can use them in Director. I know that you can add multiple texture layers in once i'm in Director, but I would like to do it in LW so I don't have to manually go through each shader and add another texture to it.

Any suggestions on any export options/plugins etc. that would export multiple texture layers?



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A little late reply here, but I just wanted to say that the reason there is no multilayer texture export option in W3D is due to limitations of the W3D SDK, so that issue is the same in all 3D apps.

I sent a feature request on this subject a couple of years ago to NewTek, only to discover that it was impossible for them to do anything about it... so yes, all manually in Director I am afraid.

Btw, I am making a UV extractor / merger for ShockWave now, so it will be possible to transfer those lightmaps from one scene to the "unlit" scene. It is ready, just need some touchup and it will be available soon, hopefully as freeware :)


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petterns, thanks for the response; and no it is not too late;

forgive me for asking this on the LW site ( I love my LW ), but I understand that Cinema4d is capable of exporting multi-layer/multi-texture to w3d; could this be possible?

with respect to your UV extractor,
are you suggesting that I could:
1- place several textures onto one texture layer (flatten) in LWlayout
2- export the model (with the one texture ) to w3d
3- import the w3d into Director
4- extract the flattened layers with some Lingo?



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I love C4D, and have tried it for ShockWave stuff, but have never seen anything that it exports multilayered texturing. What it might be able to do (which also LW does), is to have multitexturing pr model, and that means, one model can have multiple shaders (materials) applied to it, but only one texture pr shader.

My UV merger takes two W3D files, compares them and extracts the UV coordinates from the "shadow map" version and saves it as a text file with all the coordinates stored in an array. Not needed for applying multiple textures onto a shader, but needed for lightmapping models.



Such a noob question but, in LW why not just bake the textures and lighting? and export the w3d file? wouldn't that ultimately take up less memory as well? or is the thought of ultimate control over layer properties in Director? or is it because you want to change things on the fly if necessary without re-rendering?

Tony :)
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