Looking for someone to create lower thirds and virtual sets for Tricaster


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Do you know anyone that can create lower thirds for the Tricaster?

I'm also looking for someone who can create a custom virtual set?

Contact me directly at support @ thehometheaterinsider.com




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I also recommend Jose. :thumbsup: He is fast, he listens, and he has thick skin, and if you don't like something, then mention it. As far as working with someone that you can't be in the same room with, Jose' makes it seem easy. With other freelancers we would depend on FedEX for daily and expensive (and slow, in comparison) file tradeoffs. Jose has a number of solutions to get you a file in short order. Depending on your timeframe, I couldn't recommend anyone better. I am biased, because we are friends. :beerchug: Don't believe me, look for yourself, or send him an e-mail or :phone_cal and see if he has time to take on your project.

Back in the day, Tim Johnson, of GrafficJamz, made a lot of the sample CG templates we all use. When there was going to be a product targeted to churches, it was called "Genesis." Tim J (not Jenison) made a lot of stuff for the secular community for the shelved "Genesis." I got to see some examples, and they looked VERY professional.

I don't know where Tim is nowadays, but anyone who has loaded a CG template, you may be "repurposing " his work. Last I knew, I think he worked at a TV station in Oklahoma or perhaps Utah, but I think OKC.

Good luck finding your "ringer."


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And don't forget Eric Pratt.


He was building Virtual Sets before most of us knew what they were. :D
You can buy from his huge selection of pre-built sets, have him modify to make them custom, or have him build from the ground up.


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Check out the LiveSet section of this forum, that's the area with discussion about creating LiveSets.


Thanks Paul, I just sent you set for the AF that I think will help sell the Tricaster to them as well as maybe the Pentagon when I go visit next summer! We'll see. Let me know what you think of the AF set.

Thanks again.

Tony :)


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Hey Tony,
Hope to see some sets in the LiveSet Content Submissions section :)

PS Thanks Jeff and Kurt.
Just finished some LS for my first European customer.
LiveSet is global :dance::newtek::tcicon:

Take care,


Hey Jose,

Thanks, I can certainly put up the Air Force set, not sure where the content submission section is? I wouldn't mind uploading the LIghtwave scene file or model for others to use, minus the logo of course. Send me an email.

TOny :)
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