Looking for Lightwave 2015.3 license

Legit ?

from the description: "Also this is a digital download not a boxed copy the reason for this is so that I am able sell internationally. If this is a UK order I can send a hard copy of the digital download as well."
I'd say fake, I already contacted the seller and the answer is quite shady.
This is what he answered me to some questions:

This is the full commercial edition with the software key , it is already registered and will update itself fine as registration doesn’t actually have to be done for this to happen.
As I have already registered the software and it cannot be transferred this is legal as it is a lifetime license so can be installed an infinite number of times and there is no limit to the number of computers it can installed on but it is only one at a time.
Just looked at that listing.....:LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:
Oh yeah right, £49.99 or best offer, who are they kiddin.....🤪

well, just how much is LW2015 worth... ?
$100  ?
$200  ?


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