Looking for 3Play 4800 system drive with 3PLAY Rev 3-1-170915

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I make the mistake of installing Rev 3-1 190206. The new updates made the video output on my system unusabe as the SDI out has black breakup lines. I asked Newtek for the last good 3Play 4800 firmware (Rev 3-1-170915), but they say they have deleted all copies and cant send it to me! Seems very strange. They did send me a Beta version to fix the video output issue, so that is working, but now I find I cant import/transcode videos, when I click Add to select files to import, nothing happens, no windows explorer window opens as has worked for years. with all the issues I have had with 3Play Rev 3-1 190206, I will pay for a backup drive from someone's 4800 that is still running 4800 Rev 3-1-170915. Please call my cell at 612-237-0148 if you can help.



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They have a fix for this update. I had the same thing. You will just need to report it to Fog Bugz and they will send you the patch.


I contacted Newtek CS and learned the following:

1.) The current build (3Play 4800) Rev 3-1 190206, which was released on February 6, 2019 (3+ Months ago!!!!!) has major issues that basically makes our machine unusable, black lines cutting across SDI outputs, exporting issues, audio pitch shifting on audio inputs (line in)
2.) Not only is the current build broken, there is no way to rollback to a previous version as per "company policy"
3.) The only fix is to join the beta program

How is this acceptable and WHY is this build still out there if it's faulty?
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