Logo Arsenal Presets not present.


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When working with surfaces we cannot find the logo arsenal surface presets. Is there anyway to load them. These are the presets that are covered under "Changing Surface Settings" Tutorial.
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On the 3D Arsenal install disc, there is a directory called "Presets installer." In that directory, run "LA_Surface Presets Installer.exe" and follow the screen instructions. I had to turn off both virus and spyware software to get the installer to run on my machine.

I did a custom install of 3D Arsenal, and had to move the presets to the correct location in lightwave. Also, when using the preset and it asks to locate an image file, point it to the 3D Arsenal image directory and select the image.

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Don Ballance

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Make sure that when you run the presets installer, you point it at the root of the LightWave directory.

If you still have the issue

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