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Fibonnaci Sequins
Hey guys- Does the Screamer command folder have to be in the Lightwave root folder as stated in the Gorner tutorial?

I am having problems with nodes finding files. Here is one example file path-


Is this too deep of a folder hierarchy for the Screamer command folder to be able to be used effectively or should it be moved into the \BCF_Work\ folder which is the root of the DreamSequence project folder holding all the pertinent 3D files.

Can scenes be nested in folders like-...\Scenes\ExampleOne\ExampleOne_Final.lws?

Thanks a moola-


Valiant NewTeKnight
Hmmmm, not sure what the limit on path names is, but that looks okay to me.

The command folder can be anywhere you like, so long as you tell the nodes where it is and set it in the Network rendering panel in LightWave.



Fibonnaci Sequins
You're right Matt- I did not have to touch the command folder. Last night aorund two in the morning I figured out that if I set the -d section of the .bat file on the nodes to the actual content directory itself rather than the Lightwave root it resolves file finding issues (since the content file is set up properly) pretty much completely.

Hey Matt the Screamernet tutorial you put together is an excellent resource :D and for the life of me I don't understand the necessity of drive-mapping when one can set the render nodes up the way you have shown. It is much more mannageable this way. Dumb me though. Earlier on in the setup for thirty minutes I just kept racking my brains as to why the CPU nodes would not be discovered by Screamer... I had created a .bat file with text formatting by accident in WordPad!! So if anyone is stuck check to make sure your node .bat files are PLAIN TEXT documents.

For some reason though the config file for the screamernet Layout version just will not capture my custom menu layout even if I change it to the right file name in the actual config folder- on startup it just reverts back to LW's default menu layout. Until I figure this out it really is not that big of a deal.

Thanks for the reply Matt-


Valiant NewTeKnight
Thanks very much! :)

Try double-checking that there is no space between the -c and the path in the target box of the shortcut that points to the config folder for the screamernet versions.

You should be able to change your menus, I did for mine!


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